As an Interfaith Minister, I also am very privileged to offer these other important ceremony services in addition to wedding services:

*Spiritual Counseling

* Blessing Ceremonies for Home or Businesses

*Baby Naming Ceremonies

*Baby Blessings

*Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

* Speaking Engagements for Worship Events

*Memorial Ceremonies

*Healing from Illness Ceremonies

*Pet Memorials, Pet Blessings

Event Types (categories)
-weddings/ unions
-baptism/ baby blessings
-house blessings

*Pre-Marriage Counseling & other Marriage Counseling
*Sacred life cycle life celebration
* Rehearsal dinner ceremony

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Weddings:  Ramana explains these ceremonies as “interfaith multidimensional unions” in which she guides loving individuals to “mature into Wonderful, Loving, Compassionate adults.” Ramana offers blessings and gratitude from the heart when we come together for life’s special moments.  Our trust in each other and in the Spirit is strengthened with her light.
It is an honor for Ramana to share the practice of Sacred Union.  She says of this special Life Cycle Ceremony: “Marriage is Sacred and worth sharing as long as two people understand the Importance of their Spiritual Union with each other and their commitment to the marriage.”  Ramana honors that commitment and ushers joy and ease into the couples’ lives.

Wedding Size--Please note: Small weddings are limited to 35 on site, but not 35 in general.  Orchard Hill Healing Center can accommodate very small weddings inside the house (about 15-20 people during the Winter months). Outside during Spring, Summer and Fall, Weddings can be planned for up to 35 people. In addition, during those months, we have access to Willow Grove Farm (in Winchester) overlooking a spring-fed lake, which can accommodate up to 200 people!

Additional Local Places For Wedding Parties include, but are not limited to:

1. Historic George Washington Hotel in Downtown Winchester (can accomodate 200+ people) 540-678-4700
2. Shenandoah Golf Club 540-635-3588
3. Museum of Shenandoah Valley 888-556-5799
4. Piccadilly Brew Pub 540-535-1899

House Blessings: Based on the wants and needs of those involved, Ramana focuses on energetic cleansing and restoring the house to balance.  Ramana’s presence allows the inhabitants of the the house to release its old energy, just as a body would, and welcome them into the space.

Baby Blessings: Also spontaneous co-creations of the Ramana and the baby’s family, focused on removing obstacles from the path of the new life and allowing its new beginning to be pure and spiritual. Depending upon the family’s ideals, Ramana would welcome the baby in with warmth and safety, calmly walking in the light of the Spirit.


Funerals and Memorial Services:  Ramana explains that these Ceremonies are created spontaneously – she typically observes information about the departed from the loved ones – know what’s important to them and what belief systems they operate under.  With this, all ranges of religions, Christian to Sufi, can create with Ramana their most favorite experience.  Depth of spirituality is important to Ramana, and memorializing loved ones with honor and joy is Ramana’s gift.


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